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‘Beauty’ is integrity of one’s body, mind, heart and soul. The particular beauty norm

Still pillars or emphasizes on the thing called ‘Physical attractiveness is sole beauty’ But! Also it is equally about goodness and courtesy.

Your Beauty is what you pose as a beautiful character of the Lord as whole. Being beautiful is having beauty, possessing qualities, having deeds etc that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, feel and think about delighting the senses of others as well as yours.

The theoretical beauty aspects always spoke about changing ones innate beauty in due course of time, which is a mere myth. The other side of the coin ‘The practical beauty’ which stresses upon enhancing an existing beauty and which is a logical truth which injects acceptance into a person. Although it is also true technology enables one to use cosmetology to enhance all normal existing features into artificial aspects which keeps on fading in and out.

This rising era of scrupulous youth ask for more active acceptance. They choose, I choose to be accepted rather being changed and then being accepted. ‘If you own my flaws, you own me, I ask the mass to be a real you rather being artifacts of the technology. You makeover to enhance yourself, but, not to change or hide something for which you aren’t responsible at all!

The female beauty has three major components.

Genetic Beauty: – The beauty given by nature!

Feminity: – The character that develops with time!

Sexuality: – The knowledge that adds on to your beauty to attract others!

The Famous American, Daryush Valizadeh, Roosh writes on beauty exemplifying these major components as follows –

I used to think beauty was beauty, and a girl either had it or not. I was describing the ‘Genetic quality’ of a woman’s beauty— her looks, hair, and body type. Assuming a girl doesn’t overdo it with the Haagen Dazs (An American cream brand), she will score high on innate beauty if a psychologist measures her face for symmetry and proportion.

I spent lot of time Argentina, a place where genetic beauty was very high, but wasn’t too crazy about the women. One big reason was because they were lacking in two other components that make up true beauty, which are needed to predict how hard a man will chase for sex or predict a women’s true female caliber.

The first is femininity, and describes her appearance. Is she wearing high heels and makeup? Or is she wearing dirty Converse shoes and a cheap summer dress? Are her clothes snug, revealing her curves? Or does she look sloppy with baggy jeans? Is her hair long? Or did she cut it because she was too lazy to maintain it? While a girl can’t change genetics, she has complete control over how feminine she appears.

Recently I went with my mother to visit her female doctor. Judging by the graduation date from the diploma hanging on her wall, the doctor was in her late 30’s, but looked to be almost the same age as my mom. Her hair was completely gray (she doesn’t dye it), she had no makeup on, and dressed like a menopausal woman. She stirred like an aged man. Someone who interacts with dozens of people a day was ugly in just about every way except for her intelligence, and has absolutely no pride in how she presents herself to the world. Unfortunately Western cultures are trending towards punishing women for appearing too feminine in the fear that they might be perceived as weak, dependent, and “girly”. At the same time men are punished for being too masculine, resulting in an androgynous archetype that both sexes overlap with (in America it’s common for some straight guys to be confused as gay, and some straight girls to be confused as dykes).

The final component is sexuality. It’s all the behaviors a woman does, consciously or not, that announces to other men her fertility and ability in the bedroom. It’s how she walks, how she looks at you, how she dances, and the minute changes she makes to her mouth while listening to you. It’s the things that make a man bite his lip and vow to do anything to get her. It’s the overall vibe that makes her a sexual animal and worth killing for (in prehistoric time, anyway). In my opinion this is the most important component of beauty because it takes the longest to get bored of. You can take for granted a girl’s pretty face and painted toenails in a week or two, but the magic at which she gets your high enthusiastically rock hard can last years.

There are different definitions of beauty accordingly. The thing which needs to be palpated with an eye on it is ‘How to change people’s approach toward the phenomena “Beauty” ‘ A small phrase which regimes beauty truly is “Not just a glowing but a glowing spirit inside out”.

“Beauty with brain” Likewise without salt, food is tasteless equally beauty without brain is useless. A pinch of brain is a necessity in the recipe of being beautiful. Your thoughts determine your deeds So Intelligence is equally responsible for making you look beautiful or ugly.

Google has emacipified the world with a wider range of pursuing answers related to any queries whether its beauty or technology. Still some practical points to note down which would surely make you believe ‘ You are beautiful of your very own type’ are in the following series.

1. Accept your true existence rather complaint about your flaws.

2. Add positivity and subs tract negativity.

3. Smile a bit more for healthy mind.

4. Meditate for healthy thought.

5. Give up on negative people, thoughts, etc.

6. Find peace – Visit temples, mosques, church etc as peace is a key element to beautify a bod.

7. Drink a plenty of water.

8. Give up on those rebellious junk food.

9. Merge with leafy foods, nuts, fruits etc.

10. Exercise at least in the interval of 2 days to keep your body functions smooth.

11. Sleep well to feel well.

12. Maintain a definite routine of your daily chores for a balanced living.


Beauty is all about what you are you and what you choose to be physically, mentally, socially, spiritually without flipping your true living essence. Never let your magnetism takeover your uniqueness. Outer beauty can always find a stand-in, but internal beauty is something that is perpetual. Cheer up! Keep your head high! And go on smiling…..



Pragya Priyadarshini

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